Performance Suspension – Making Your Car Grip The Road

You steer into the curving mountain road and feel your squishy suspension give. You cringe. You want your car to grab the road, to drive you through those twisting and curving roads. You want to feel your engine’s performance equaled by your suspension. It is time to upgrade to a performance suspension system and make your car grip the road like a true sports car, not grandpa’s old sedan. Continue reading “Performance Suspension – Making Your Car Grip The Road”

Rough Country Lift Kits That You Should Purchase

There is a company by the name of Rough Country that produces some of the best lift kits in the industry. They make them for many different types of trucks that are produced today. Whether you have a Chevy, Ford, Dodge, or a GMC truck, they will have the exact ones that you need to vertically lift your truck to a much higher position. Let’s discuss a few of the Rough Country lift kits that you ought to purchase, a decision that will definitely make your truck stand out regardless of its size or design.

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Here Are The Steps To Buying Camo Seat Covers For Your Car, Truck Or SUV

Have you ever shopped for seat covers before? Perhaps this is your first time getting covers for the seats on your vehicle. Where do you start? One great tip is to think about the type of material you want. You have choices for sure, and speaking of choices, you’ve decided to go with camo seat covers for your car, truck or SUV.

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Fox Shocks Battles Baja and Wins

One of the cruelest tests of shock off-road shock absorbers can be found in the Baja. Once again Fox Shocks has stood up to the challenge of the Baja 1000 as Wayne Matlock captured the overall UTV championship.

Very few of us ever punish a set of shocks the way the champions of Baja do. We push our UTV, Jeep, and sand machines to the limit in our favorite dunes, but nothing compares to Baja. Continue reading “Fox Shocks Battles Baja and Wins”

Where Can You Buy Hawaiian Seat Covers?

Your car is a marvel of technology and convenience. Your ancestors might have spent thousands of years on foot or on horseback to get from one place to the next, but now, you can just sit in the comfort of a car, truck, or SUV, enjoying the heat, air conditioning, shelter from the weather, and even music along the way. With the right technology, you can even have a friendly voice navigate your path for you.

Still, for all the benefits, features, and advantages a car or modern vehicle might come with, it’s not always enough. Adding little touches can help finish things though, and seat covers are loved by many drivers to make their ride more comfortable and stylish. Hawaiian seat covers, in particular, are cherished by quite a few, since they can make the seats more cushy, beautiful to look at, and easier to keep things clean. Continue reading “Where Can You Buy Hawaiian Seat Covers?”

Give Your Vehicle Style With Camo Seat Covers

One of the easiest ways to customize your vehicle is by investing in seat covers. Not only are they affordable but they also come in a lot of different styles, making it easy to find a style that matches your interests or your personality.

Camo seat covers are particularly popular especially among hunters and people who enjoy the outdoors. Along with giving your vehicle a tough, rugged look, they also serve a number of practical purposes. Continue reading “Give Your Vehicle Style With Camo Seat Covers”

Why Neosupreme Seat Covers Are An Excellent Choice To Protect Your Car Seats

When you’ve just purchased a new car, you love sitting the brand new seats, all clean, nice, smooth, with no stains. The problems, of course, as soon as you let your kids with their Popsicles, dog, and other messes into your car, your seats are doomed. There is one thing that you can do, it’s very inexpensive, and that is get top quality seat covers installed right away. Even if you only cover the front seats, you’ll be glad you did in just a few years. Here are some more tips and suggestions on getting the best car seat covers available.

Don’t Be Cheap

When you go down to the local discount department store you’ll find lots of “one size fits all” very inexpensive seat covers. These are OK if you’ve got an old clunker car ratty looking seats and need to cover up the holes. They won’t fit very well, if at all, and they’ll keep coming loose, popping off, and causing problems. They’ll be made from poor quality materials and won’t last very long either. Continue reading “Why Neosupreme Seat Covers Are An Excellent Choice To Protect Your Car Seats”

Tonneau Covers Are Great For Trucks And Here’s Why

Are you familiar with tonneau covers? If you’re like me, when first introduced to the word, you might have thought it was a French term that doesn’t have to do with anything you own. Yet if you have likely seen plenty of these covers. They are on many trucks, covering the bed. Not only do they look nice, but they have other benefits as well. There are different types of these covers that you can buy, too.

These covers can keep your truck bed from getting dirty, and they can keep it from getting scratched by debris, too. On top of that, they are visually appealing, and you can look at the cover up another way, too. Perhaps your truck bed is typically dirty because of all the hauling you do. You can use the tonneau cover to keep it hidden from sight.

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High-Quality EBC Brakes For Your Automotive Needs

Lots of people enjoy buying a new car and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a first-time purchase or an upgrade to a vehicle you have been using for years. Regardless of whether you buy a brand new vehicle or continue to use your old car, replacing some automotive parts is going to be essential as time passes. In general, you need to change the tries and replace the exhaust system after you have racked up a large number of kilometers. However, in addition to that, you may also need to buy new EBC brakes and carburetors in order to ensure maximum performance from your car.

When it comes to replacing your car’s brakes, you are going to looking at a variety of brake rotors, brake pads, brake lines, calipers, and kits. As a result of continue wear and tear, your vehicle’s brakes need to be replaced to maintain optimum performance. It doesn’t make what type of vehicle you have, choosing the correct brake parts should be a top priority. Continue reading “High-Quality EBC Brakes For Your Automotive Needs”

Suspension Systems Buyers Guide

Save for body and chassis experts, the inner workings of an automobile’s suspension system are largely a mystery to casual automotive enthusiasts, perhaps for good reason: The term “suspension” refers to a complex system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connect a vehicle to its wheels, allowing relative motion between the two. Suspension systems are tasked with supporting both road-holding/handling and ride quality – often at odds with one another – so the tuning of suspensions involves auto makers striking the right compromise, which is no easy task. Additionally, it is important for the suspension to keep the wheel in contact with the road surface as much as possible, as all the road or ground forces bearing down on the vehicle do so via contact patches of the tires. Continue reading “Suspension Systems Buyers Guide”