Performance Suspension – Making Your Car Grip The Road

You steer into the curving mountain road and feel your squishy suspension give. You cringe. You want your car to grab the road, to drive you through those twisting and curving roads. You want to feel your engine’s performance equaled by your suspension. It is time to upgrade to a performance suspension system and make your car grip the road like a true sports car, not grandpa’s old sedan.

Coil-Over Shocks – The First Step To A Performance Ride

One of the easiest and most effective upgrades is to switch out that antiquated suspension with coil-over shock absorbers. The coil-over shock allows you to fine tune your ride and performance in ways traditional shock systems cannot match.

It starts with the outer coil (coil-over). The coil-over shock can be screwed down to make minor adjustments to your ride height, which we all know can affect road handling. You can choose the amount of spring tension your car needs for enhanced performance.

Inside the coil is a fluid-filled cylinder which does the real shock absorbing work. The fluid chamber has a series of valves which determines how the shock reacts to impacts. The variable valve action allows your car to stay glued to the road even when you hit that bump in a curve.

Sway Bars – Stop The Side-To-Side Roll

Upgrading to a performance sway bar can make a tremendous difference in the handling of your car, too. Does your car currently roll severely when you turn into those winding corners? A good sway bar can reduce that roll giving you greater control in corners and curves.

Lowering Kits – Dropping The Center Of Gravity

Gravity is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to handling. Without gravity, we wouldn’t stay stuck to the road, but gravity and centrifugal force can cause a high standing car to tip and roll when entering corners. A lowering kit allows you to drop your ground clearance and riding height an inch or two. This small difference improves handling quickly.

Ball Joints, Steering Knuckles, And Bushings – Keeping It Tight

Does your car’s suspension have too much play? You start to turn the wheel and you feel that tiny delay before things happens. That is usually a good indicator of wear, or poor performance parts, in your ball joints, steering knuckles, and bushings. Upgrading to performance parts can tighten your suspension and steering giving you greater control of your car.

Where Should You Start On Your Performance Suspension?

We recommend starting with your shock absorbers. It will make the most dramatic improvement in handling with the least cost and work. You can dramatically improve handling by simply replacing the shocks with high-performance coil-overs. Your car can go from a mushy low-performance feel to locking onto the road like a Porsche.

Take a little time to evaluate your model of car, look at shock options, and choose a coil-over shock which will meet your performance desires. For a reasonable price, you can turn that smooshy ride into a road-gripping exciting experience.