Fox Shocks Battles Baja and Wins

One of the cruelest tests of shock off-road shock absorbers can be found in the Baja. Once again Fox Shocks has stood up to the challenge of the Baja 1000 as Wayne Matlock captured the overall UTV championship.

Very few of us ever punish a set of shocks the way the champions of Baja do. We push our UTV, Jeep, and sand machines to the limit in our favorite dunes, but nothing compares to Baja.

Baja brings the combination for massive dunes, rocks, high temperatures, and the best competition in the world. Then toss in the 1000 mile length of the Baja 1000 and every component of your vehicle must be durable, tough, and nearly perfect.

One of the biggest challenges faced in these endurance races is break downs. The race sees top contenders fall to the side as mechanical failures end their day. The constant vibration, the thudding impacts, and constant stress tears apart racing machines every hour of the race.

One of most important components of a UTV is the shock absorbers. The shocks are responsible for keeping the wheels on the ground, but also reduce the crushing blows coming from the rocks and uneven ground flying by under the UTV.

Fox Shocks has become a favorite of top contenders because of their durability throughout the race. While the shocks may be only one small part of the suspension, they are crucial in protecting all the other components.

Cameron Steele is another top contender who trusts Fox to keep his truck in the competition, and who went on to win in 2018.

It is not only racers who are on the look out for amazing shocks. If you use your pickup or SUV off-road, you know how important quality becomes. Paved roads may have potholes, but once you turn away from civilization, those potholes look tiny.

Even country roads can be a nightmare that push the limits of your truck with their washboard washouts after hard rains. They can put nearly as much stress on your truck as what is experienced in the Baja Desert. Besides, did you buy a four wheel drive truck to play it safe all of the time?

You bought a four wheel drive so you could push beyond the average drivers comfort zone, to explore areas an average vehicle cannot go, and to keep your family safe during bad weather. You cannot overlook the shortcomings of your OEM shocks if you want to push beyond normal.

While most of us will never make it to Baja, especially not to race, we all hope to have fun and an exciting safe ride. Next time you decide to head away from the safety of the city streets and smooth lanes of the interstate system, make sure you are riding on top quality shocks.

Whether it is the heat of summer, or the icy streets of winter, your four wheel drive truck can make you feel like you are on a Baja adventure, especially if you’re riding on Fox.